Monumental Lift Off

- 09:00 AM

Monument Fitness Club, 2148 Broadway, Suite B1, Grand Junction, Colorado 81507

First Monument Fitness Monumental Lift Off Powerlifting Event.
Three weight classes, each for men and women.
  • Bench press
  • Squat
  • Deadlift
Medals will be awarded for winners of each category. $500.00 cash prize and trophy for the top male and female overall lifter. You can enter one or more categories.
Freebies will be available for competitors.
Monument Coffee Shop will have breakfast specials.
$10 a class, or $20 for full event for Monument Fitness members
$15 a class, or $30 for full event for non-members
Weigh-ins are on Friday August 31st at 6pm
Wraps, sleeves and belts are ok for joint protection and stability. NO COMPRESSION SUITS OR LIFTING STRAPS
Chalk will be available or you can bring your own
Bar to the chest, pause, wait for call and full extesion, rack
Disqualifying lift- Bar bouncing off chest. Bar not touching chest. Negative movement during extension.
Break 90 degree on negative , full extension, rack
Disqualifying lift- Not acheiving full ROM. Negative movement during extension.
Stand with bar, shoulders back, lower bar when signaled while staying in contact (control) of bar throughout.
Disqualifying lift- Any resting of the bar on legs. Jerking movements during stand. Negative movement during extension